Tuesday, February 17, 2009

backing track

Well, I'm back on track. At least for today. I took a few weeks off blogging and started jotting in my calendar. After taking a look I realized more so WHY I'm not Loosing the pounds. I think with the way I've been eating I could work out 2-3x's a day and still not loose. Being a past weight watcher person, I actually do know the do's and don'ts. It just seems that I forgot the "lifestyle". I've been eating way more than I should. I wish I was at my goal weight because it seems now I've figured out how to maintain.

After much a do; I've look and realized water, workout, and food journaling may be the only way for me to succeed. Therefore you may see me with another blog or be intensely bored with my way to try to succeed with the help of the internet on this blog.

Photo's coming soon.


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