Monday, January 12, 2009

Starting over -2009

Well, I'm back. I did not fall off the earth, however there has been a lot going on. Work was swamped. Christmas has came and gone, which seemed too fast and too slow all at the same time. We left for Vegas shortly after, getting back in town 1 hour before the New Year. Luckily we know how to get loaded in a hurry! lol. From Christmas on, to just recently, I have been either run-down or sick (I'll spare you the details, except on COLD CHILLS).

Now that I'm feeling better and ready to be in 2009, I should review last year resolutions and start this years. However, I'm going to wait on this and share that with you later this week (I'm playing with ideas). Instead I'm going to give you my numbers. Keep in check with myself. I'm still struggling with the weight loss, but I think I have a plan, I think. Any how, here's what we have and why I said "STARTING OVER". Seems if you take a month off or so you get right where you started.

WEIGH IN - 166 Original ""

Original bust - 37.75 now - 37.25

Belly Button - 37.00 now - 36.25 - Happy about that!

Waist - 39.00 now - 38.75 - also somewhat pleased

Hips - 42.50 now - 42.50 - I'd love it if someone could tell me how to get rid of my A$$

Thigh - 21.50 now - 22 - UGH, WTH

Calf - 16.25 now - 16.50 - Apparently I didn't walk any this winter

Bicep - 13.25 now 13.25

See you soon with a plan of attack for 2009!
Happy New Year


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