Monday, October 6, 2008

Finding Balance

This past week has been such an disappointment. I've realized I've lost balance in my life. I'm not sure where the turn came or at which point, maybe from girls weekend, the fall season, the bad reviews from clients at work, the loss of my grandma from last year (a big factor), or my exhaustion. Which the combination of each could make a person feel lost. All I do know is I don't feel like myself. And am doubting much a the decision I have been making.

I'm going to redirect focus, this week. Is all about me and trying to find the balance necessary to make the lack of focus and direction go away!

I need a routine!

The stratgey.
Mon- schedules meals & count points. Finish house work so it's done. Do evening Zumba. Relax
Tues- Zumba, work, scheduled meals, relax
Wed- Zumba, work, scheduled meals, relax
Thurs- Zumba, work, scheduled meals, relax
Fri- Zumba, work, scheduled meals, possible dinner out, relax
Sat- zumba, schedule meals, groceries, start laundry, get ready for girls :) bonfire or pumpkin carving, relax
Sun- Zumba, Scheduled meals, a ride with Annie, FOOTBALL, dinner guest, relax

Notice all include: Zumba, Scheduled Meals, & RELAX

Also, with all the work these days I need a day off. Not a weekend but day! I'm going to request Tuesday or Thursday off. On this day. I'm going to work out, I'm going to eat right, but I'm also going to spoil myself. I'm going to try to get a message, my hair done, possibly my feet, and maybe a little shopping. I'm just going to enjoy!

Week 4 Measurements...

Bust 36 1/2 this week

Belly Button 35 this week 36

Waist 37 1/2 this week 37 1/2

Hips 42 this week 41 3/4

Thigh 22 this week 21 3/4

Calf 16 1/4 this week

Arms 13 1/3 this week

My Weight

Begining of the week 166 Mid week 165.8

NOW 166.2

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