Monday, September 29, 2008

Rhythmically challenged, LBs Gained :(

Today was the first day I got to try my Zumba Tone & Sculpt. I haven't used it becasue it wasn't compatiable with my dvd player. Then it came to me to try the computer. My monitor is MUCH smaller in here, but the dance floor space rocks!

However, that being said I found with this video it could become very discouraging for me. It's a little to fast for my rhythmically challenged body. I've decided to continue to do it in hopes to get better with the rhythm and just keep moving. All workout videos, dance video's, etc. etc. always say keep moving. Even if you can't get it right away, don't stop, keep moving. I'm focused and I can do this. Heck I even tried on close this weekend and could get into a small top again. (10yrs ago I could ware a small and look good). I ended up not buying the top or the bottoms knowing I'm focused and I want to do this for myself. I deserve to this for myself.

Focusing on the pounds. This weekend I traveled a 2 hour drive in the car. Those drives tend to make me a little heavier in the morning. I also spent the weekend with my GWO's and well we like to eat, but when I weighed my self there I was down 2 extra lbs from mid week, with clothes on. I also promoted the product by showing the Girls what fun it is. They were impressed with my new skill, what little rhythm I've gained.

That being said, I might not sure this is my "real weight" but I have to write it down and accept. I plan to weigh tomorrow to see if I've really gained from last week or it this is what I like to call "travel weight".

The Truth
This week I was a little less focused than last. I didn't write down what I ate. Which is a no no! And I didn't workout like I should have. I know it and If the weight gain is real I cannot blam anyone but myself for the lack of effort. This week will be different. I'm already a step ahead of the game with 32oz's in and menu's planned.

Week 3 Measurements...
Bust 36 1/2 this week "" Total Loss 1 1/4
Belly Button 35 1/2 this week 35 Total Loss 2
Waist 37 3/4 this week 37 1/2 (goal is 29 or 30) Total Loss 1 1/4
Hips 42 this week "" Total Loss 1/2
Thigh 22 this week "" Total Loss 1/2
Calf 16 1/4 this week "" Total Loss 0
Arms 13 1/3 this week "" Total Loss 1/3

My Weight
Begining of the week 164.6
Mid week 163.8
Saturday 162 with close on
NOW 166

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