Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 2- down 2.4lbs & more inches

This is week 2 of Zumba and week 2 of eating healthy.

What I've done on the physical side...

I've done Zumba everyday except Wednesday and Saturday. So I guess you could say I'm working out 5 times a week, at least this first few weeks. I've tried very hard to work extra on the areas that didn't show much change or any change, i.e. my booty! So when there was a lunge I'd squeeze the goods.

What I've done on the eating healthy side...

While I learned some healthy skills from grade school, I thought since it's been about 20yrs since I've been in elementary I should hit the books. Bring back out the weight watchers (where I lost my first 40lbs back in the day) and following a points plan. I've also looked over Indiana health watch provide by My Man Mitch! Working towards the goal for breakfast 1 fruit for lunch 2 fruits or veggies, and for dinner the rest 3-4. And sometimes it's hard to get in what's called a "proportions" but it OK I figure some is better than none right.

I've also bought a new plate! Yes it's silly but true. It might just lead me in the right direction on staying within my proportions. The way to use the plate.... The large pink flower is my guide for my meats. It's right around a 3-4oz piece of meat which is all you need to take in. The green round swirl is my veggies, hence the green. And finally the darker pink daisy is for my sauce, weather it be bar-b-q or sour cream, even salsa, that's what I get and what I need to work with. This plate is about 1/4 the size of my normal plate and has a circle ridge in the middle where I try to keep all my food within. And of course 3 16oz waters.

MY New Measurements...

Bust 37 this week 36 1/2 Total Loss 1 1/4

Belly Button 36 3/4 this week 35 1/2 Total Loss 1 1/2

Waist 38 3/4 this week 37 3/4 (goal is 29 or 30) Total Loss 1

Hips 42 1/2 this week 42 (down 1/2 from week 1&2) Total Loss 1/2

Thigh 22 3/8 this week 22 Total Loss 1/2

Calf 16 1/4 this week "" Total Loss 0

Arms 13 1/3 this week "" Total Loss 1/3

My Weight 2 weight .... 164.6

Begining of the week 167

Mid week 163

NOW 164.6
Total Loss 2lb 6oz this week

See you next week, if not sooner!

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