Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Balancing Act

I'm on my way to balance.
Last night I got the house complete minus a few things that need pressed. I took a long hot bath :D and read my new book I bought yesterday... Jennifer Weiner Certain Girls. This book is sure to help me find balance in relaxation and girlhood.
I also purchased another book from Ellie Krieger The Foods You Crave. This will help me find balance in food. I plan to look over it this morning and use it for either this weeks food menu or next depending on what I have in stock.

Finally I didn't do Zumba last night. I was too exhausted by the time I got off work and finished up the house. I decided to make up for it I would do double duty this morning.

1. 20 MIN Express workout
1. 20 MIN Flat Abs

I also took points yesterday and ate fairly healthy. Dinner was so good I had seconds (BAD MARGARIT!)

Today's menu...
B- Oatmeal and fruit
L- Broccoli Cheddar soup, large salad
D- Steak with Red Eye Chili Gravy (I'll apply that recipe soon it's awesome) Green beans, New Potato, cottage cheese, possible side salad

See you soon

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Sarah Pekkanen said...

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Happy reading!
Sarah Pekkanen