Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ZUMBA- Viewer discretion required... Bad Photos Ahead

I'm fat, actually I am, and it's unhealthy and I'm trying to help myself out.
Here in the big TH I've heard nothing but positive things about Zumba. It a fun work out with HOT INTERNATIONAL DANCE Steps. It's amazing! I've learned some salsa, reggae, merengue, and samba. I also have NO RHYTHM and am getting the hang of it with just 3 days into it. I feel amazing! I feel sexy, yes that's right sexy, while I'm working out. Another great thing about this video is the motivation it gives you. I don't know how but it does. You also get to drink water like no other because of all the SWEAT! It's great fun.

I've taken some before photos. Now I've done this with other workout videos and other "weight loss plans", but this time I'm so convinced I'm headed in the right direction I'm going to post them.


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