Thursday, August 28, 2008

NEW JOB!!!!!!!!

As you know I've made these goals for 2008. I'm starting to get to the point where I'm really following through. I'm so proud of myself I think I'm going to in 2009 do the very same thing and continue to re-evaluate.

1. Lose 30lbs by June 6th (my 29th birthday) -I'm totally sucking at this. If anything I think I've gained. This is NOT good. I dropped out of Weight Watchers, because I never went to meetings and I really wasn't following the program like I should have. Actions I'm taking to get this complete.... hmm Today I'm calling local gyms and dance classes. I'm going to figure out some activity I can make myself do and have fun with it. I'm also going to attach a pedometer to my hip and make it happen! I NEED THIS to happen! Look I'm like a big fat hippo coming out of the water. I look terrible in a suit

2. Manage to read 1 new book a month (I've already finished B. Letts ; Shoot the moon) - I've done a lot better than I thought on this. I've managed to get 6/8 done. Not bad considering that it takes me about an hour a chapter. I think if I do this next year though I might read non-fiction instead. I need to open up my brain again.

3. Think of myself as important - I'm finding this to be much harder these days. I was doing really well and thinking of myself as important then all of a sudden it seemed that I realized I'm just me. No one overly special, but someone with skills and determination. Then I realized I've got this one covered. I'm important to me, my husband, and my family. Really that's all that matters. I dont' know who I was trying to impress with this one.

4. Go to a movie once a month and have a Me Day. I'd almost like to do this a little more. Like twice. Once by myself and once with friends. I have however started to get my nails done, but popped them all off after a rough weekend. I'm going to get them put back on in September.

5. Buy the following items...
Property on Pine Island Fl. -Still a No, but we decided to really take the time on this decision. We're planning a trip in the fall to go and really spend some time down there and decide if that is where we want to possibly be located.
A Cheap Sports Car - I went a few weekends ago to drive a 2006 pontiac solstice. God those are beautiful cars. It was a great deal but I started to weigh my options and also had a few girls back me on making the right decision. NO, there was way more stuff that I needed in life right now than a new sports car. I'm sad I didn't take the opportunity, but it will pay off in the end.

New back door to the house Well this didn't happen but it's going to asap. I'm calling in a contractor to do it asap. I'm hoping the end of September. If he bails I'll make another call to get it done.
New Nice Digital Camera - I finally made the purchase. We were on our way to St. Thomas and I didn't want to miss anything. Plus I had a gift of 250 so I knew I could play with that money and get me something nice.
6.Reword and toot my horn in my resume & Look for and start a new job - This is awesome. I took the interview with Coca-Cola. I was really hoping to get the job, because I knew it would give me the opportunity to be able to move and still have a job. Ended up that I wasn't right for them, but only after "My Dream Job" called. Two years ago I applied for a part time possision as an event coordinator. It was only part time so I knew I was going to have to keep my job, but I wanted to give it a try. I've been dreaming of starting my own company and becoming an event coordinator but doing this would give me an opportunity to test the water. Any way after 2 years and a flight back home I got a voice mail to see if I was still intrested in the job. I about pissed my pants if you want to know the truth. I didn't want to delay. I ended up calling them on a Saturday when he called me and by Sunday I had an interview. Then another on Tuesday and finally an offer. It was a pretty good offer and it provided insurance and now was a full time position. I couldn't refuse and the big part was I had to tell my parents now that I've accepted a new position elsewhere. That was terrible, but after the building threw me a welcome party and they came along, they understood I had found my match! Check it out

7. Travel to a new place with my Dear Hubby - We ended up going to St. Thomas and St. John, the US Virgin Islands. It was amazing. I'd totally can't wait to go back and I'll be staying a little longer this time and hopefully have some climbing shoes on.

8. Put in a deck between house and garage Unfortunately this is put on hold again :( However, it was discussed and we are going to install a new roof and stucko our house before we do this. It will really bring the house together I think. And were going to start doing a little bit of up keep this weekend on the inside too, i.e. finally paint the living room.

9. Start taking pictures and blogging more - Obviously this hasn't worked out well, but I have a feeling with the new camera it might.

10. Go to church more that holidays - I have yet to go to church this year. I keep thinking about it but then decide on other things. I'm just not sure what to do on this one. I do say my bed time prayers though. That's a good start I imagine, right?

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