Monday, January 21, 2008

What to do on Sundays????

It's that time again. The time where Sunday's become boring and we have to wait another 8 months for the excitement to begin. Football is coming to a close :( Our team went out sooner than we'd like (Indianapolis COLTS) Last nights game, I assumed New England Patriots would win without any trouble. Which they didn't all that much. Then there were The PACKER and The GIANTS. As I love Payton's little brother, Eli, I thought for sure the Packers would send the Giants packing (pun intended). Never-the-less Super Bowl Sunday will be on February 10th and football will be finish until next season.

I remember waking up one morning and my lovely hubby rolled over to spoon me. He kissed me on my check and whispered in my ear (something to the effect of) Um only 4 hrs and 15 min till pre-game. The world is right again. I giggled and kissed him to agree.

Before I meet my dear husband I watched football during the Superbowl mainly and only for commercials. After a few Super Bowl's I started to watch the Colts and enjoyed them. I decided that would "be my team", and I'd start to watch more regularly. As the years passed I've found out what it is to be a fan. You know who #18 is Peyton Manning - QB. You find and know their records in a season. You find the rookie #29 Joseph Addai - RB is not only Awesome to watch, but had no idea that the season would be that hard.

As a "fan" you know when your team is out of the playoffs that you want the team that beat you to win against the team in the upcoming game. And you find out that watching the last playoff game makes you sad and heartbroken to see the season gone. Your Sundays are totally ruined and the friends you invite in every weekend will not be coming back until next season, and chance are they might not even be on the same team. :**(

So I say What will become of our Sundays? Maybe I'll buy a puzzle for us to do.

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