Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Spice Challenge

I've decided to have a spice challenge. And I'm not talking about the come back of The Spice Girls. Every time I prepare dinner I look in my trust spice rack to see what I can add... garlic, season salt, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. They are my main spices.

Then I ask the DH to grill a steak and season it/marinate before he starts to cook it. As he opens the cabinet the anticipation of dreaded words come... What the heck do you do with all these spices?????? You are BAND from buying any more. I'm sure we can make do with what we have. (Sad truth is I was wanting to buy some Caribbean Jerk Seasoning this weekend.) But in his defense I have an organized shelf that is over flowing with a potential to bop you in the head if shifted just right.

So I declare a spice war. I have 20+ spices in my cabinet and each week for the next 20 or so I plan to use each one of them and share the recipe of the spice. I'd like to use them at every dinner setting, but I'm not sure this is possible. Either way prepare yourself for new ways, I hope, to use your over abundances of spice. If you have any spice war help recipes let me know.

Think Spicy!

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Brilynn said...

I've been using cumin in everything lately!

You asked about serving sizes for my granola, mine are always far too big and therefore I'm the last person you should ask about that! It really depends how you use the granola though.