Friday, January 11, 2008

Confession of a Cat Killer :' - (

These are our cats. Smokey is the Grey long hair and his partner in crime is Bandit, ElNee-gro. Finally they have a back-up cougar named Skeeter, she's in back.

I'm telling you this because last night I created a disaster of an evening for myself. What was suppose to be a night of stuffed mushrooms, wine, chick flicks, and an evening home alone while the Hubby was out was ruined. Ruined however but not fatal!

The mushrooms were stuffed and thrown over pasta, beer became the beverage. The heat had to be turned off because we apparently have a leak in our propane tank. Highly dangerous by the way! And finally the chick flicks we put on hold 3/4ths of the way due to an allergic and deadly reaction I created for my loving cats.

I hate to say this but.... we have flea's. Not the kind where when you walk in the house and they greet you by taking a multiple chunks out. But the type that gnaws on the cats and dog, making them itchy. On Wednesday night I noticed one on Smokey's face. I tried grabbing it and decided later that evening to put "over the counter" flea medicine on them. It was for small dogs. I've done this before using medicine from the clinic and you split it amongst the 3 cats.

I also decided last night to give them a pill called Capstar that goes threw their blood line to kill the eggs and whatever bites on them. Last night while watching my chick flick I kept hearing Smokey pound his back leg sporadically. Sometimes he does this but after about 20 min or so I started to notice it wasn't just his weird little twitch. Then Bandit was laying beside me on the couch I noticed he was trembling. After seeing the two doing this I decided that the pills were the cause and they were having an allergic reaction. Luckily I have a pre-Vet in the family.

I called Vet Carmine. I told her what was going on and she explained that it was not the pills but the flea medicine I used. She explained that I needed to bath them immediately! All 3 of them! I asked probably in a not so nice voice asked How the hell do you expect me to wash 1 cat let alone 3??? Have you ever washed a cat??? Needless to say she asked a few more questions and requested to meet me at the clinic where they would be getting I.V. 's in order to help them.

Needless to say after an hour. Smokey got his arm shaved, stuck with a needle, bleed, growled, got in to the sink for a bath and ended up with a pill and NO IV :D The other cats also go a fresh water dip and a pill. I didn't kill them!!! YAY for ME!!! It seems though I caught it in time before it could have became a deadly situation. I have to continue to give them this medicine every 8-12 hours and monitor them. IF For ANY reason it gets worse they will have to go back in and get iv'd :'(

I felt so awful! I'm such a terrible mother. Vet Carmine said I was not a terrible mother and it is a very common problem. She also explained the difference in flea meds and basically said to stick with FrontLine or Advantage. From now on they will ONLY have those brands of flea medicine.

Meow out!

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