Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2008 is the Year of the Goal

Happy New Year everybody. I hope everyone enjoyed the start of this year. I know I did. Dear Hubby and I went for a drive to Pine Island. Pine Island is down just west the way from sunny Fort Myers Florida. (we were on vacation) We spent most of the day in the rain (the sun was busy) checking out the island and imagine our future together (can we say priceless?).

We later that afternoon visited one of maybe 7 resturants on the island called Woody's. I hate the name but I LOVED the corn chowder they made up. We had a few beers, ate some good grub, checked out the island people and then we were off. Off to our room in Ft. Myers. We spent the afternoon being lazy and snuggling off the rain with pizza and pepsi at our sides. Surprisingly we didn't have any "drinks" that evening. Most of the evening was spent watch national geographic or discovery, not sure which, but it was about fishing in different parts of the world. Do you know to catch catfish people jump on the side of river banks and put there arm in all the muck until they get the fish to hook onto their arm. YUCK! And I even like eatting them. Maybe I'll change that for 2008.

Speaking of changes for 2008, I've decided this is the year of Goals. Last year "our" major goal for '07 was to become debt free. And by that goal we set together we establishing be free of worry. At least for now.
Goals set for 2008 are now more personal and maybe some carried over from 2007. Either because I didn't make it or because I enjoyed the challenge so much I want to do it again.

TOP 10 Goals of 2008
(no specific order)
1. Lose 30lbs by June 6th (my 29th birthday)
2. Manage to read 1 new book a month (I've already finished B. Letts ; Shoot the moon)
3. Think of myself as important
4. Go to a movie once a month and have a Me Day (I'm scheduled for one on thurs the 24th or 31st... hair, feet, dinner, shopping, & Either 27 dress or Ps I Love you)
5. Buy the following items... Property on Pine Island Fl. , a cheap sports car, new back door to the house, new nice digital camera
6.Reword and toot my horn in my resume & Look for and start a new job
7. Travel to a new place with my Dear Hubby
8. Put in a deck between house and garage
9. Start taking pictures and blogging more
10. Go to church more that holidays
I'm looking foward to trying to accompolish more this year and to make my self more important. Happy New Year. I hope this year is a rewarding if not more than the last.

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