Monday, June 25, 2007

Welcome to Lids and Socks, May I take your order?

So last night while making dinner I found that I HATE lids. I have a problem with lids. I tend to boil everything over on the stove. I'm not a bad cook and you wouldn't think I would do that that often, but I do. I'm ashamed of it, but really now who are we kidding. Has anyone ever not boiled over water at some point in their life time?

Well I decided for the fun of it to ask my friends what they would name a restaurant if they had the option of doing so.

The 1st said Coen's Arcade. A high end diner food with a gourmet flare and somehow an incorporation of arcade games into it. maybe in the waiting area....
This one has a beautiful little boy named Coen and well they love the Arcade and she's an awesome cook, so I knew it wouldn't take her long.

The 2nd person said they would name theirs Lucien's. A bakery/coffee shop with used books.
Their name came from the librarian in her favorite story, the Sandman. *Note to self get The Sandman- End Note.*

The 3rd person said with such glee, that's the easiest question I've had all day. I have NO DESIRE to own my own restaurant. Now I understand why. She works in a insurance corporation making new proposal & charts & everything else I know little about or have no desire to do. Way to stressful for me, I'm way to layed back and well to fidgety to stay in one place like that to long. Especially talking about insurance.

So after a lot of thought I've decided on a fictional whim that I to could have my own restaurant. And after my boiling incident I realized something there are 3 things that always seem to be a nascence in life. Lid, Socks, and instructions.
They always seems to find their way in the eaten by the weirdest things; the trash monster (garbage man), eaten by the dryer, eaten by the fire hole in the back yard, or eaten by the filing cabinets of lost organization.

Therefore with each of these items needed but never available and never really wanting to use them I'm calling my restaurant today and today only
Lids & Socks!
where your food will be served in a variety of un-matched lids, your plastic utensils will be stored safely in colorfull miscellaneous socks as your napkins. For place mats, but of course, instructions on anything and for everything. The food will be ribs, corn, and salad. Dessert will be a variety of fun edibles like mudd pie and worms.
So if this sounds like you and your type of establishment come join in on the fun opening day 7/7/07. ;)

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