Thursday, June 21, 2007

A day at the Spa ~

Have you ever wondered how a dog could go to the spa? Me neither!
However, this morning I witnessed Annie (Princess Annie today) enjoying a trim. She has been sliding around quit a bit on our hardwood and tile floors so I decided she need a trim-n-d-toes. Dogie Pedicure!
She was feisty at first wanting a belly massage and a eye boogie removal treatment first. Then it was down to business with THE PAWS!

She laid on her back, feet up, and enjoy what seemed like the best foot rub someone could get. And as many might do when the feeling is right and the therapist is doing his/her job totally awesome the client yelps out a big sigh of relief. That or a loud snore!
Princess Annie was in her element and ready to walk out in high heel stiletto and turn on all the cute neighbor dukes.

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