Monday, June 25, 2007

summer solstice

It's Friday Night and I'm feeling in right! Oh, what a NIGHT! Today we are celebrating our annual Summer Solstice Party. We realize that the party should have been on Thursday when summer actually begun, but hey we've gotta get up at 4:45am and really a hang over is NOT the way to start the morning at work. So this year it was on Friday.

Our menu... Tiki torches, the great outdoors, day light for like ever,
bar-b-q ribs (wet), sweet corn on the cob, boiled seasoned red potatoes, pasta salad, and of course BEER & Jimmy Buffett Music. Oh, I just about forgot great conversation including the topic is that a man or a women game brought to you by Gay pride week in KY.

It was a great evening. We started at 6pm and finished around 1am. Some of the guest had some other plans so they ate and ran. Others just dropped in to shake it a little and say it's Part-tay Season. And then there were FOUR. We stayed until finally we decide it was dark, our butts were wet, and the booze was getting hot.

I threw in a picture of the after life. This is what I had to wake up to :'(
Oh well it was SO worth it!!!

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