Friday, June 29, 2007

Editors NEEDED

At a stage in your life you wonder where are you going? What do you want? Are you happy with how this road is turn out?

I'm at that stage. That bend in the road. The one that goes left,right, and has a pothole leading straight ahead. If I turn left or right what will I find? Will it be the day dreams that I envision while sitting bored looking out my bard window at my work desk? Will it lead me to the cold sweats at night that bring up the fictional cheating and the gourmet foods I dream of serving to the locals, without burning? Or... Do I stay going straight ahead and eventually fall into the large pothole of comfort and nonexistent to my inner daydreamer.

All these roads of chance that you can take makes you think. Which I've been doing a lot of these days. Last night I explained to a friend that I wanted to but land that we could actually afford and build my cottage on it. There I would write my book. I thought she was going to fall over! A BOOK? she yelped! I didn't know you could write. My response as I was bent over the bath tub washing out the hair dye... Well, I can't, but that's what an editors for right? Still amazed she said well what kind? With much gratification I got to start my list... A chick flick romance comedy, a cookbook, and finally a children's book. She smiled bigger than life and said YEAH, I've always wanted to be the artist for a children's book.

Ladies and gentleman I thought sparks were going to fly out of the tub from the electrical excitement running through my veins as the water poured from the faucet. She's a fantastic artist :D and then she said "if you do it could I be your artist?" I was thrilled how could this be happening? How could this road steer left or right in one evening and miss a major pot hole I was heading for?

My decision has been made and early this morning I started researching for books about books, self publishing, structures on writing books, chapter outlines. I scanned through my ideas and wrote down what I wanted to write about... Ducks and counting. Dexter the armadillo (I created him years ago). Lipchiz the seashell frog (again a past creation). A day at the park with ducks and bread after daycare. A growing baby book with dogs, cats, ducks and frogs. It's awesome. I feel so great!

This could be my "Road to Life"

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