Thursday, June 28, 2007

What about Weddings?

I found this game about weddings, you can help Jenny look for bluebirds and through her messy photo finding things she need like a pepper shaker and a hat and a yellow bus and finally my favorite a jar of pennies, like that's going to get them far.

I also thought since we're talking wedding today, we'd say my favorite was having my significant SHOW UP! I never doubted he wouldn't but there is always that fear that he'd get tied up or he'd decided to take a long drive, or the best he'd get caught by the 3rd railroad crossing in the last hour.

I also thought I'd share with you a favorite dress at this point. It's a little extra for me, since I'm married now and I'll never have the opportunity to look at dresses again unless I become a bridesmaid.

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