Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding and Prom Season Begins

This past weekend, starting on Thursday, officially began the wedding and prom season for work. The chaos, the madness, and then the ending beauty is all well worth the little bit of sanity I still have. (Which as we all know is not very much to begin with).

I find that the week of an event so much can change. Bridal members have issues, your count gains or reduces (this weekend it went up 64%, so not typical), the groom disappears, you can't use the decorations you thought you could, members of the party are too young or too old to get in, and finally butterflies are added to the mix.

Where as it was a little bit of a struggle for the wedding, I've decided that I rather take that than realizing at the prom... I'm OLD and totally out of fashion (or at least old enough to know better, which I guess isn't that bad) :(

Enjoy the photo's

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