Friday, April 4, 2008

How am I doing?

Everyone makes goals, right? Well at least New Years Resolutions, right? OK maybe I'm still the only one that does that. Here's something new though that I have not done as far as making those resolutions... follow threw and follow up throughout the year. I've decided today I'm going to do that quarterly, see how I stand.

TOP 10 Goals of 2008
(no specific order)
1. Lose 30lbs by June 6th (my 29th birthday) - I've lost 5, so I'm not doing so hot in this area. The goal still is to be at 145 by June 6th. That's 9lbs in month April and May. Maybe I should just never eat. That will work won't it? Plus this begal kick I'm on is not helping. Damn Bread!
2. Manage to read 1 new book a month (I've already finished B. Letts ; Shoot the moon) - This I've found has been the most easy challenge for me. I've gotten 3 books done in 3 months. I think I'm stellar! Sad thing is I know people that can read a good sized book in less than 3 days, Oh well I'm trying.
3. Think of myself as important - I'm trying, but I don't want to end up cocky so I'm not trying that hard :(
4. Go to a movie once a month and have a Me Day (I'm scheduled for one on Thurs the 24th or 31st... hair, feet, dinner, shopping, & Either 27 dress or Ps I Love you) - I have been a little better at this, thanks to Girls Weekend. But I don't get my hair cut, nails done, or messages, too much money right now. I have watched 3 new movies and have given them my Ebert Star rating if you care to check it out.
5. Buy the following items... Property on Pine Island Fl. - Nope, We are looking but we've decided to invest our money elsewhere for the time being. The property market has taken a crash and the location we were looking at has went down 25% since January. With the recession on the rise we think we should hold off just a little longer and make a purchase later in the year or next April. A Cheap Sports Car - My mom has talked about selling her Matias but has finally said no. That was going to be a birthday purchase but it's to small for My Giant and I to ride in if it starts to rain. new back door to the house, Actually this may happen later this month. I'm truly happy about it. If however it doesn't happen this month it will happen by this fall no matter what I have to do! New Nice Digital Camera - I don't desire this as much as I did earlier on in the year. I'd still like to have one don't get me wrong, but it's not on the top of my priority list.
6.Reword and toot my horn in my resume & Look for and start a new job - Thanks to the help of "my girls" I've reworded and maid me sound like a
Super Star

In fact I even got a job interview and finally got the nerve to tell my boss I plan to leave and so on.
7. Travel to a new place with my Dear Hubby - We're going to go to Florida next week and we plan to scout out some new places... Does that count?
8. Put in a deck between house and garage - Finally this is scheduled for the June. It's my birthday gift I've requested. I think the whole family is going to come over one weekend and put it together. I can't wait. Hopefully we'll have enough saved up to screen it in, then we can sleep outside sometimes
9. Start taking pictures and blogging more - Well I had a lapse here, but I'm trying to get back in the grove of it
10. Go to church more that holidays - I'm failing miserable at this one. Unless, you can watching Joel Osteen on TV on Friday Nights. Gosh I love watching him. I think I might even read one of his books


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