Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pope and Young

For nearly all my life I've watched and learned the trade of hunting. My brother, has hunted since he was 14. He got his first gun and his first buck, a 7 pointer! Now years later he hasn't given up the trade. Only thing is, back then he didn't keep the racks (which are antlers) and he didn't get them scored (distance between each point of the antlers), now he does all that and more.

In 2005 he had made Pope and Young. Now I'm not really sure what this is other than it's like royalty in the hunting field. It's organization stating you can hunt and you've got game. To get in you must hunt with bow or rifle, have the antlers measured to a specific degree (a taxidermist will do this for you) and have a certain # of points on the rack. After making it in the listing of Pope & Young, you become a Royal Hunting Guru. It's something hunter try to become part of all their lives. Some never make it and never will, but not my brother.

POPE & YOUNG: SUD, 11/11/05, 207lbs, 9point, score 125 4/8ths

Last year he had the chance again after his kill to make it in the books again. Unfortunately it was 1 inch shy from being listed. This year however, he has killed his first 10 point buck. We think it's going to make it. He will forever be recognized either way as a "LUNGBUSTER"

Oh yeah and for those who are against hunting and all that stuff. There is one very special and totally awesome thing about my brother he kills to eat. Therefore anything he kills he will serve at the next evenings dinner, trophy or no trophy!

If you're interested in finding out more on how to become part of Pope & Young yourself and other hunting information go to...
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