Monday, September 24, 2007

The Sea of Corvettes

This weekend was another fine time to find the wind in our hair and the engine roaring. We took a motorcycle ride past the border and to the land of FUNFEST 2007. Where the FUN is a sea of nice shiny Corvettes.

While not only did they have the sea full of about 5 acres of Corvettes Dated back to the start to current they had a Repair Lift shop. I was very impressed and excited about this. You usually go to a bike or car show and they offer you this new nice equipment but you have to take it home in DIY or go to the shop. Not here, They knew how to make there Vet patrons happy.

They also had some of my favorites.

A whopping $50G's for this beauty!
It was in the For Sale Corall.


Finally, there were the few that were ruined by male testosterone...

And another, I have a funny notion was a great Christmas from a DW to her DH. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the license plate!

NOTE: The license plate say XMAS 04

I had a great time. I look forward in going again next year. Maybe then we'll have the 50G's for that 54. I also didn't bring Annie, because well we were on the motorcycle, but I did see some of her fury miniature friends out and about trying to figure out which tire they could pee on. It was a great weekend. What more could you ask for?

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