Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hospitals cannot mend broken hearts

Last night was the last night my dear sister and Annie's aunt would be full of slobbers and happy tails. Maggie's conditions were more sever than previously thought. Her leg had made no change and was not mending in the slightest. There was also infection in the leg and water building up around it. Yesterday they actually had her in one of those hanging baskets they have for horse when they break their legs. Given that Maggie is a Saint Benard and 170+ lbs the chances of the outcome was improbable :`(

Maggie was laid to rest late last night. She was 61 years old. She was a full blooded Saint Bernard. The worse thing she'd every do to you was slobber all over you. She loved car rides and enjoyed the stop at the horse pasture to watch the big guys. McDonalds carried her favorite hamburger, which she would get as a reward each time after her styling given to her from out of town. She loved her mother very much and would protect her if ever needed. She'd wag her tail so hard that it looked like a beautiful feather duster. Her teeth were inperfect, but her smile was worth ever second to see. Maggie did not dislike anyone and if you had the time she had enough ears and belly to rub for a long while.

After the challenge of Maggie's life shorten, my mother was devistated. Ago the rest of the family. She came home and feel to her knees in on the living room floor where Maggie laid. Crying with all her might. My father thought that he was going to have to take her to the hospital. Unfortunatly, hospitals cannot mend broken hearts. She finally got up from the floor and moved to the recliner where she passed out. When I entered the room she awoke but only to show that no-one was home inside. Her heart is broken and she is empty.

Why can't hospitals fix broken hearts? They can fix one with knots in them from eatting wrong for so long, they can replace veins from you leg into them, the can put batteries in them to make them beat, but the can FIX a Broken HEART! WHY??? WHY???

Maggie you will be truely missed. We love you with all our hearts. I wish I could have said good bye and snuggled up in your big puppy dog arms once again. I love you!

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