Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HERBERT provides insight on the coolest tool in Pet manufacturing!

The FURminator

My DH saw this while making a delivery at a local veterinarian clinic. He was always amazed. Finally after realizing our 3 cats and a dog were on the path to a destructive Shedding party, he bought it.
Now the Furminator’s price is fairly steep, but if you want an effective, easy-to-clean device to cut down on a pet’s shedding, it’s well worth considering. We paid $32 for ours and I DO NOT regret it one bit. We've only had it a night, but the plan is to brush them again later this week.

Some Herbert notes on this magically erasing shedd device.
- It makes you pets fur silky smooth and shinny
- They look as if they just got back from a groomers
- Expect to see a whole other pet beside you when your done, even if you brush your pet regularly. (I brushed Annie 2 hours before and loads still came off)
- If you don't rake your pets skin by pressing to hard they absolutely LOVE it
- The blades cause static, therefore the hair is going to be all over you in the end
- Use the FURminator somewhere where it is easily able to clean like tile floors or out side
- grab a wastebasket for easier clean up
- shop around! The best price could be online

Enjoy a hair free home and reduce allergentic build up of pet dander and fur! Buy THE FURminator!


Mrs. T said...

Interesting. We have a brush thing we use, but I wonder if this would work better...

MargaritFox said...

It's AMAZING! I don't have to vaccum every other day. It's so cool!!!