Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Essences of Beauty vs Greenland

What the heck is body butter?
Do I need it to make me continue to look prestige and dignified as I do now in these sexy Einstein glasses? Herbert asked himself. I know, I'll go to Margarit and ask her what she or her girls know about it.

Hey Herbert! What's new this week on product information?

Well the topic is "BODY BUTTER!"
What kind? Which one? Can you make it? What can you tell me about it?

There are 2 brands of body butter I've tried so far... Essences of Beauty and Greenland. I've also heard some wonderful comments about Bath and Body butter from "the girls."
Essences can be found in your local drug store. I found mine in CVS. The cost a whopping $5. The scents range from sweet pea, brown sugar, seabreeze, cittrus coconut, and lemon twist. I ended up get the Citrus coconut and lemon twist. The texture is creamy yet a little heavy once on the skin. It seemed like this one didn't want to obsorb into my skin as well as the Greenland Brand. However, the smells are frisky named, very young smelling, and fresh. The smell also acts as a lightly misted scent that stay with you for the better part of the day. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 8.5 on texture and a 10 on scent.

Greenland brand I found at Target. The cost is around $9 online at the Ulta store it's $16. The scents are more frisky and very girly. I got apple and loved it! The smell wasn't overwhelming by any means just natural and different than the typical vanilla or sweetpea everyone seems to get. The texture is rich and creamy and surprisingly weightless. Once putting this over my skin I felt as if I'd died and gone to heaven. I'd give it a 10 on texture and a 9 on scent.

I have yet to spend the 20 +$'s on the Body Shop brand but "the Girls" rave about it. One has mentioned that her pedicureist said her feet were so soft that there wasn't much to do with her.
My opinon is the Greenland so far. It's middle of road on qualty and much smoother and less heavy going on.

Some of your favorite scents might be...
Unscented Body Butter, Apple Jack Body Butter, Black Raspberry Body Butter, Calming Water Body Butter, Coco Cabana Body Butter, Cinnamon Vanilla Body Butter, Coconut Body Butter, Fresh Ginger Body Butter, Fresh Linen Body Butter, Honey Almond Body Butter, Jasmine Body Butter, Lavender Body Butter, Lemongrass Body Butter, Mango Papaya Body Butter, Pearberry Body Butter, Violet Body Butter, and Wild Honeysuckle Body Butter
And be careful of your flavor pick. You don't want to smell like old lady with bad purfume.

Can you make body butter in your home?

Sure you can! Check out online on www.ask.com Here are some of the sites I came up with.


1 lb. Mango Butter
1 lb. Shea Butter
1/3 cup sweet almond oil
1/3 cup avocado oil
1/3 cup apricot kernel oil
3 tablespoons jojoba oil
1 - 3 teaspoons vitamin E
1 teaspoon lanolin
5 - 10 drops grapefruit seed extract (GSE)
about 5 teaspoons essential oils, depending upon the strength of the oils you choose


Get your favorite body butter today or make your own. Keep it on hand especially for the winter months when skin continues to break no matter how much you add lotion.
Enjoy feeling like satian.

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