Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Almost a Year

OK, so I've been kind of MIA. Well there is reason. I have been working on the upcoming 1 year anniversary presents.

1 year of marriage = PAPER

so everything I will be giving him will involve paper.

This is how it starts. Our actual anniversary is on July 29th. I've decided to give him tickets to Alison Krauss & Union Station for July 14 instead. For some reason she could rearrange her schedule to come in town then (hee hee). On Friday morning I made the final arrangements.

1 box (reused of my birthday present) / check!
1 map with itinerary (locations starred with cutesy crap like;
sex,dinner,lunch,concert /(freaking hilarious)check!
2 tickets for concert / check!
1 wrapping paper made of itinerary map /(cute) Check!
1 bow made of our wedding programs / (extra gay) Check!

Now just telling him how much I love him and How lucky I feel each day knowing that I've finally found the one I want to grow only with! :D

He looked out me, because I was kind of being sneaky about the whole surprise and worried too. You know he may not like it. Anyways he smiled and kissed me and said I didn't think we were going to make a big deal out of this. We're going to Vegas I thought we were going to leave it at that. I said yes but this is a big deal and you're giving me Jimmy tickets so I'm giving you Alison.
Needless to say he gave me a kiss and we were all happy with lots of I LOVE YOU flying through the air.

On Saturday I was really eager to get out of dodge. I did the regular of getting groceries and stuff for the hotel. I packed a cooler full of beer, crackers, cheese (pre-sliced), Pickles, Canadian bacon, champagne, and 2 small bottle of sunny-D.

By 1 I was itching to go before we decide we had work that really needed to be done instead of going away and enjoying ourselves. A little before 3 we made it to the City. We had to figure out where our hotel was and where our bank was to. We circled down town about 10 time until finally I called the hotel to find out if they had changed their name. Sure enough they did The Radisson was now The Sheraton. Thank goodness. I should have asked her if our reservations were still good then (knowing they would be). We walked from the bank to HOOTERS for lunch/dinner. 20 wings later and 40oz of Coors Light we were set to walk back, check into the hotel, and get ready for the concert.
The Sheraton was awesome! It had a gorgeous room, a great pool on the 9th floor overlooking the city, a Starbucks, a restaurant, and in walking distance from the pavilion.

The walk to the concert was great. We got to walk down the cities canal and see everyone doing romantic touristy crap. Alison Krauss and Union Station were out of this world AWESOME! We did spend $36 on 6 beers so that kind of sucked. But the show and getting to know the band was great. Alison really likes to talk a bit to, so you get to learn all sorts of stuff about each member of the band.

The walk back was great! DH was kind of worried about us walking back so late at night until we finally did and we were walking back with a heard of other people from the show.

When we got back to the room it was a little R&R with free beer and dinning out of the cooler, given our wings had worn off. We watched the food network and took showers only long enough for me to pass out on My DH :( Oh well, we had a great time and I look forward to the rest of my life with my Dear Husband by my side enjoying all the wonderful things we can take in together.

Happy Anniversary
Forever Yours
~ Margarit

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