Thursday, April 2, 2009

Margarit, Use your NICE words

I keep finding out things about myself. Some are things I already new, but probably don't think are great characteristic, so I sound shocked when they are pointed out, i.e. I'm loud and a smart a$$. Not necessarily the greatest characteristic you want to put down on a resume.
However, with ever flaw (Truth teller) there is a diamond in the rough.

I just realized this morning when I have to tell someone I love the truth about something that I know will hurt them, but they need to know I cry. I get in a moral battle of do I or don't I and then they ask and as I start to speak I cry.

For example 2 years ago I told my dad he had a comb over and it needed to stop he was to handsome to let himself go on like that. Meanwhile right after I ran to the bath to ball my eyes out.

I told my bff that I was worried about her financial problems and her husbands spending, all the while why crying in her kitchen telling her "we/she" had to do something about it and probably what she already knew.

People already know there flaws, they don't need me to tell them about them, but when they ask or discuss them or I have concern over them, I respond honestly. I would want the same for me, some times with a little sugar coating if need be.
ByTheWay sugar coating is needed when you tell me I'm fat, I suck in bed, I can't cook, I suck at my job, or my husband is cheating on me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I have a flaw I hate: it is being a truth teller, but know this if I know it's going to upset you, it upset me too, but as your friend, loved one, or wife, I'm going to tell you the truth and sit down right beside you and cry too. Isn't that what friends do???

Full of Flaws with an occasional Diamond in the rough
~ Margarit

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