Monday, December 1, 2008

Special Saturday Thanksgiving

Each year for the past 4 thanksgivings I've done some repetitious things. Including my annual Saturday thanksgiving feast (turkey day we're gambling somewhere). I've done everything from crown roast, Cornish hens, ham and chicken, and this year finally I did THE BIRD!

Isn't s/he beautiful?
I didn't even use a butterball and look how golden!

We also did our fair share of noodles, mashed red potato's with skins, dressing, hot rolls, caramelized carrots, cranberry dressing, and plenty of white wine!

For a special treat I made a souffle for dessert. I'm going to blog about that to because it was seriously impressive and only took about 20 min. to do the whole thing.

Sadly we didn't have everyone here this year due to travel, but it was a great time and much enjoyed.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and got to spend time gobbling, goofing, and grouping together.

Best Holiday Wishes

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