Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One day of temptation rejected

(tĕmp-tā́shən) - 2 definitions - The American Heritage® Dictionary

temptation (n.) The act of tempting or the condition of being tempted.
temptation (n.) Something tempting or enticing.

Yesterday was hard. I tried to get in all my water, managing getting in 2 1/2 in stead of the 3 needed.

I also tried to eat healthy... Breakfast: oats w/ cranberries, strawberry bannana yogurt w/ granola. Lunch:Beef Veggie soup, grilled cheese (this was bad) Snack: (Temptation came in; cheesecake, cookie, small rescee cup) I chose the recee cup. Dinner: Chicken, mashed potato, carrots, salad, 1 glass red wine (this helps belly fat).

Temptation is a dirty word, yet is so good. And I was / we all are faced with it daily, especially in my work atmostphere of food and fun.
I rejected these tempting items... Cheesecake (Cheesecake factory too), Cookies, second helping of mashed potatos, starbucks coffee, more cookies, a coke with my lunch. As a result of this temptation, this enticment the scales compliment me with 1lb off. (168)

Off to work out and striving to stay focused.

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