Monday, October 13, 2008

Still going and wondering when I should take pic's

It's week 5 of the Zumba challenge I've made for myself. So far I've not done to bad. I wish I was a little more motivated and would do it everyday of the week, but 3-4 times is seriously a good start.

By good starts (for me) the following have applied...

* Somewhat of a routine - 3 to 4 days of at least the 20 min express workout.

* A weekly menu for dinner, and focus for breakfast and lunch.

* Veggies consume my plate. 5-6 in the daily amount needed, if I don't get them in during the day they go on the plate at night.

* Water bottles are filled daily. My challenge is to drink the 64oz. before I drink ANYTHING else.

* I walk anywhere I can about town. It may take a little longer but it's extra exercise.

* Balance is being designed by focus and routine. Monday nights for the past 5 weeks has been a spa night. I hop in the tub, rest the muscles, prepare for the challenges of the week (with a glass of red wine; it helps fight tummy fat), and read a little just for pleasure.

To proceed to the goal at hand. (Goal: March 12 2009, -20lbs = 145lbs)

* Continue to plan meals, Saturdays seem to work better for me so that will be the day I should plan

* Make meals in advance when rough long weeks are foreseen. If I'm going to have to work late, maybe I should put in a crock pot meal that day to prevent overeating or unhealthy quick fixes.

* Try to work out 5 times a week.

* Look into doing something other than Zumba to help tone and build.

* Don't give up and keep the end goal in mind.

I've also realize this is week 5 and the weight loss is not nearly where I want to be. But the inches are not all that bad. I'm in question as to for the 6 week do I take pictures or do I take them at the end of the week 6, start of week 7, to see if there are any physical results to see. My concern is that I won't see much/any difference and stop all together. What should I do ?

MY New Measurements...

Bust 36 Total Loss 1 1/4

Belly Button 35 1/2 Total Loss 21/2

Waist 37 3/4 Total Loss 2

Hips 41 3/4 Total Loss 3/4

Thigh 21 3/4 Total Loss -1/4

Calf 16 1/4 Total Loss 0

Arms 13 1/4 Total Loss 0

My Week 5 Weight .... 165.8

Beginning of the week 166.2

Mid week 165.4

NOW 165.8

Total Loss 6oz

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