Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost in February

I know you've been wondering where I've been... Ok probably not really, but ya know since you're here you might as well wonder. February has started out with a B A N G. One thing after another, all of which I want to write about and tell you. Just to let you know LOTS of PARTYING is going down dawg (too much American Idol already).
I'll keep the post coming in the next few days to tell you about...

BB KING - the most coolest blues man ever to sit on stage

GWO (Girl Weekend Out) - 3 of my best friends come from Chicago Il, Lafayette In., and Columbus Oh, just to crash at my house and drink wine, eat food, talk girl talk, pose in sext poses, and best of all be part of each others lives.

Work- the lack there of and the suckulation it's doing to me, creating drunken remorse

Family - babies, marriage and whatever in a week, creating druken remorse

Turning 30- My hubby's gonna make the big 30 and his P'd off about it.

Weight Watchers- Oh yeah I'm on a mission. Only 23 lbs to go:D

I'll see you later to tell you all about BB King and his girl Lucial

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