Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas in the Caribbean

Each year I try very hard to make my extra busy husband (this time of year) enjoy the Christmas spirit that pours out of me directly after thanksgiving. This year was worse, do to the fact I found my Christmas CD early and started the musical celebration the second week of November. Of course baking is year round but now the kitchen ends up being a hazard zone until the day after Christmas.

Sometimes it easy to make him ecstatic. In my case power tools do help. This year I've started the celebration with a different place for our large tree and our small one. The theme (because it's so easy for success when there is a "theme")


I've made the living room a tropical get away. Our tree decorated with pink flamingos, sea shells, tropical flowers, fishnet skirting. Jimmy Buffett in the background playing Christmas in the Caribbean. I'm thinking of making the eve dinner a Caribbean delight with kabobs, but that's a whole other post.

The kitchen & dinning room is where people will be fooled of our Caribbean experience.
It's a Frosty Wonder Land.

Being a collector of snowmen I had no choice but to put them to good use.

There for the cabinets are full of snowmen

the small tree is (pun intended...) one big snowman "hang out".

(laugh now!)

However clueless I am of what to buy him for the holidays, I know he knows I try my best to keep the clutter to a minimum and the seasons light and hearty!

Merry Christmas!

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