Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catching up

Well it's been about a month of catch. I've been so busy trying to get on the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN COOK, That I've missed out on telling you all the wonderful/heartbreaking things that have been going on in life.

So You Think You Can Cook
Well, needless to say you will see me on So You Think You Can Cook. Apparently they do not go for short haired, well rounded, blonde's. Oh well, I love recipe and was fairly impressed with it. And frankly when I write a cookbook and maybe a memories, I can say... IN YOUR FACE! Or if I get another opportunity and make it I can say... PERSISTENCE. He He

Weight Loss with Weight Watchers and Competition
I've been doing fairly well in the weight loss arena. I'm not like a world champ losing 3-5lbs a week or anything but I am usually loosing about a lb a week. That could be 52 lbs in a year and because I only want to lose 34, I'm managing. I only have 20lbs to go by June of 08. That's the goal! On June 6th 2008, My 29th birthday I will be once again the size I was in college and the size (+12) I was in high school. I have an outfit, actually a top I bought 3years ago at GWO (Girls Weekend Out) in Ohio ready to show off my new look. There not much too it but I'm so wearing it! And I have a wedding to go to on the 7th with another outfit I'm so going to get into too. (That outfit is my goal weight dress and DH said he would buy me ANY piece of jewelry I wanted to go with it! YA!!! I'm thinking diamonds, no surprise to him I'm sure.)

We've got a RESCUE in progress on MAPLE
Some know but, some don't, so I'll explain. We live by a JERK! Weeks ago (since I'm catching up)DH was outside (2 sheets to the wind,while I was out of town)trying to kill off a mole problem we've been having. He starts to hear this cry from a cat/kitten. Thinking that they're "doing it" he ignores it and moves on to the rest of the whiskey and mole hunting. About 30min-hour later the crying hasn't stopped. Being the dear husband that he is he goes in search of the cry. When he looks over at our neighbors house he sees a kitten hanging by it's little kitten tail from the neighbors girlfriend door.
Needless to say the jerk didn't seem to mind or even care when DH came to the neighbors door to tell him about it. He said oh yeah that a stare someone dropped off. Then he didn't even walk to the door with him. So when DH got to the car and thought the neighbor would be behind him he wasn't and he was shutting the front door. DH pulled the tip of kitty's tail out of the door and took him home. We had the Cheeky (the kitty new name) for a week until we could take him to a PetSmart for a new home. Rest assure we got him back to health with the patch of skin from his cheek repaired and his tummy full. Annie loved him but we have to many pets as it is so we had to let him go. :(
Here's some pictures

You can tell Annie really loved him and had so much fun playing in the yard with him. Did anyone notice that Cheeky had a collar on him, we didn't put that on him, but he's "a drop-off stray" JERK!
DH Hates the neighbor now and want to spit on him or come to blows with him every time he sees him.

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